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hey There!

Glad to have you here!

I am Anushika, a bookhead, who loves to talk about life , books, and everything in between.

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All About Me

Being an avid reader from my childhood, I was always diverted to books over anything else. Since high school, I started to read more actively than just for fun. Reading and writing, in general, helped me come out of my anxiety and gave me an escape gate from all my insecurities.

And finally, after completing my Master's, I have gathered the courage to share my journey with you all, through books and blogs.

I am a sucker for reading as well as writing, and hence, you should know that this blog will not only comprise reviews of some amazing books but also my thoughts on few of the least or maybe, overly discussed topics!

Above all, I believe reading is a very unique and personal journey and hence, I am here to take you on one such journey.

I am happy you are here and excited to see where it goes.

See you!

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