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Do Epic Shit- Ankur Warikoo

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Self-Help

Narration/Writing style:: 5 Stars

Concept: 5 stars

Reading level: Beginner


On days when you feel low, when anything just doesn’t make sense, some books come to your rescue. This book by @AnkurWarikoo is one such book that just makes sense at all times.

“Do Epic Shit” is a work of non-fiction and rather pure, real, practical, life lessons that must be read by anyone who looks for a better perspective towards life.

“Only when you go against the flow will you find your own flow.”

Ankur Warikoo simply puts up his life experiences into single-page lessons that give you perspective on love, life, money, and relationships. Every page is a stand-alone, which makes it even more convenient and my all-time go-to book.

Right from the narration to the simplicity of the writing, this book will always keep you thinking for the good. I still remember the first time heard its review from one of my friends and realized, maybe it’s just like any other self-help book. But, because my friend was so adamant about making me read this, I thought to give it a try. And, believe me, I think this was the best suggestion my friend would have given me ever.

The experiences felt so personal, the family, finances, everything that this book narrates, felt as if my life was being summarized in front of me, in words I could have never imagined or said myself! It is one of those books that you can just flip a page or two, anytime, any day, when you don’t feel like doing anything else, and it will come to your rescue.

“In a world filled with people living their lives for someone else, a truly lived life, is the one where we stay true to our own selves.”

Publications: Juggernaut Books


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