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Don’t Believe Everything you think- Joseph Nguyen

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Writing:5 stars

Reading Level: Beginner

Concept: 5 stars


“Thoughts create, thinking destroys”.

If you are an over-thinker like me, you must be familiar with people’s remarks on your overthinking- “oh, but it's okay”, “go with the flow”, “meditate” and the most annoying one- “Don’t overthink”!

And 11/10 times when people come up with these “apparent” solution of theirs, it actually does more harm than any good to your already exaggerating mountain of thoughts.

For the longest time, I was unable to channelize my thoughts (I still am far behind) Just rambling them on and on and on, in my mind, till the time the universe would actually conspire to make them true and help my anxiety become my best friend!

I was becoming so comfortable under the clouds of negativity that I had to force myself to think positive and that too, never for too long.

That is when my father bought me this book. Quite honestly, for the longest time I did not want to read it, thinking it would be just another self-help book, suggesting how everything I do is wrong!

But, to my surprise, once I started reading, I realised how the exact same things I was feeling were described but with resolution. In this book, @Joseph Nguyen, will provide you the tools to understand the basic difference between thoughts and thinking.

At first, you might think the book does not serve you any purpose or your mind will ponder this thought over and over again, “ I know this stuff already”, but honestly you don't!

I was of the same belief for the longest time and interestingly as I moved forward the book broke and change my perceptions at every step.

“This is when faith becomes of the utmost importance- having faith that things will be okay, know that the universe is working “for you” not “against you”.

From one over-thinker to another- A must read!


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