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How to win friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

Rating:3/5 Stars

Sub-Genre: Self-Help

Writing:4 stars

Concept:3 stars

Reading Level: Beginner


In his book “How to win friends and Influence People”, @Dale Carnegie has shared different guiding principles to drive you to improve social skills, and how to move away from the shy and under-confident version of yours!

While the book is a guide in reflecting on our own behavior and how to respond to things that are beyond our control, I found it to be a little too exaggerated! The book at times challenged my thoughts in quite some positive ways but there are certain aspects or principles (as Dale says) wherein I found myself more confused rather than clear.

The book basically guides you on how to be a “people pleaser” and agree with everyone over everything. Well, I know, some of you may find this thought perfectly fine, but in my opinion, differs a little. While not picking out someone’s opinion and agreeing to their viewpoint, may be good at some point in time, at the same time, being a “YES BOSS!” machine would also lead you to a point where you will lose sight of your opinion and before you realize, you will realize you have already suppressed your voice long ago!

I have read Dales's other work as well, and have liked it quite a lot by surprisingly found it to be a little disappointing.

I cannot deny the fact that maybe in professional life there could be some pointers you could use like- seeking rejections, accepting criticisms, and much more. But if you ask about your personal life or the life you’ll spend for your entire existence on the planet, I suggest, it would be better to wait for the right ones to come along and better be with a version of you, that you yourself, enjoy too. Unfiltered!

Overall, I was not really convinced with the idea of this book.

Publications: Srishti Publishers&Distributors

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